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The "Jester" Section Hiker is the premier podcast with the spotlight on section hikers!

The stories you will hear are about everyday people who, in addition to their everyday lives, make the commitment to hike long-distance trails where every section is a new beginning. 

From National Scenic Trails to National Parks and all Trails in between, listen with your host, Julie “Jester” Gayheart, to hear what it means to be a section hiker and the adventure that awaits them section by section. 

Jun 17, 2023

Jester is excited to have back on the podcast Host of The Green Tunnel Podcast, Historian, and Author, Mills Kelly.  Mills is back to share with us about his recently released book, Virginia's Lost Appalachian Trail.  Mills is a natural storyteller and the stories he shares with us on the show about the people, communities, and towns affected by 300 miles of the Appalachian Trail being moved in 1952 will have you wanting to buy his book to learn more! Check out Mills website at to buy his book and find out where you can go see Mills speak in person! 

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