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The "Jester" Section Hiker is the premier podcast with the spotlight on section hikers!

The stories you will hear are about everyday people who, in addition to their everyday lives, make the commitment to hike long-distance trails where every section is a new beginning. 

From National Scenic Trails to National Parks and all Trails in between, listen with your host, Julie “Jester” Gayheart, to hear what it means to be a section hiker and the adventure that awaits them section by section. 

Feb 29, 2020

Cori Strathmeyer, aka Pajama Mama, shares with Jester in today's episode why she decided to start section hiking the Appalachian Trail. Cori talks to us about how section hiking the AT went from a goal to a lifestyle for both her and her husband.

We also hear about the newest member of her family; "Faith". Special...

Feb 22, 2020

Jasmine Star aka King Size talks with Jester today about her section hiking of the Pacific Crest Trail and the Continental Divide Trail.

Jasmine has also section hiked the Great Himalaya Trail in Nepal. As you will hear Jasmine has been pursuing her passion for the outdoors and has no plans to stop anytime soon.


Feb 15, 2020

Jester had a great time on this episode connecting with a familiar voice of the Hiking Radio Network: Maria Wishart aka "Wheezy-Pee."

Wheezy-Pee is very passionate about her section hiking on the Appalachian Trail and has added a few more trails to her section hiking list as well.

Jester looks forward to all of you...

Feb 8, 2020

In today's episode of the "Jester" Section Hiker podcast, you are introduced to Christopher Condap, aka "iPod". Chrisotpher has thru-hiked and continues to section hike the Pacific Crest Trail. He is currently section hiking the Continental Divide Trail with about 1000 miles hiked and loves talking logistics when it...

Feb 1, 2020

In this episode, we chat with Jamie Willis aka Mighty Mouse. Jamie loves being out on the Appalachian Trail and hiking in the Dolly Sods area of West Virginia. Jamie has written an article for The Trek titled "Short Tips for Short Backpackers" and also has a Blog of her Section Hikes. Jamie speaks to us about being a...