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"Jester" Section Hiker

The "Jester" Section Hiker is the premier podcast with the spotlight on section hikers!

The stories you will hear are about everyday people who, in addition to their everyday lives, make the commitment to hike long-distance trails where every section is a new beginning. 

From National Scenic Trails to National Parks and all Trails in between, listen with your host, Julie “Jester” Gayheart, to hear what it means to be a section hiker and the adventure that awaits them section by section. 

Oct 23, 2021

Jester continues this week venturing into the realm of having a co-host on the podcast to talk about specific hiker topics. The overall goal with the co-host idea is to have conversations that are educational, informative, and hiking related. As you will hear, Jester and Austin accomplished just that by sharing the idea...

Oct 9, 2021

Nancy East joins Jester this week to chat about her Smokies 900 FKT (Fastest Known Time) completion, her recent "mombattical", and why she decided to join the Haywood County Search and Rescue Team.

After you listen to this episode, please go check out Nancy's website titled "Hope and Feather Travels". There is so...

Oct 2, 2021

If you enjoy watching reality TV, you might have seen an episode or two of Naked and Afraid. And you may have seen the Naked and Afraid episodes with Jester's guest today, Dani Beau. Not only has Dani been extremely successful on Naked and Afraid, she is also a highly trained and educated in Search and Rescue.



Sep 25, 2021

Jester brings back Austin Wallis to the show this week to continue their conversation from Episode #77. They left off with Austin going for a "shakedown" hike on the Mountains To Sea Trail on Segment 4, and then he was heading to the John Muir Trail for an awesome summer adventure. Tune in as Austin describes the beauty...

Sep 18, 2021

Jester welcomes Jennifer Browndorf to the podcast this week. Jennifer has a passion for the Mountains To Sea Trail community and has spent many hours helping build, clean up, and give back to the trail she believes in. In January 2021, she decided it was time to start hiking and completing the entire MST one segment at...