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The "Jester" Section Hiker is the premier podcast with the spotlight on section hikers!

The stories you will hear are about everyday people who, in addition to their everyday lives, make the commitment to hike long-distance trails where every section is a new beginning. 

From National Scenic Trails to National Parks and all Trails in between, listen with your host, Julie “Jester” Gayheart, to hear what it means to be a section hiker and the adventure that awaits them section by section. 

Aug 13, 2022

Jester's Class of 2022 Section Hikers gains another member this week, Holly Gossage! Holly enjoys living in central Pennsylvania and living close to those white blazes we all know and love on the Appalachian Trail. Holly also enjoys the blue blazes of the Tuscarora Trail and is working on section hiking a route known as the Tuscalachian Loop!

Thanks for Listening and Happy Section Hiking!

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